26 Nov 2011, 12:57

Agloves Touchscreen Gloves - Very Nice.


#“Agloves Touchscreen Gloves - Very Nice.”


The Agloves people in the US mailed me recently wondering if I'd review their touchscreen gloves. I didn't even have to see them to know that they had come up with a brilliant idea. They popped a free pair in the post to me and I got them earlier in the week. This won't be a long review for the simple reason that they just work, brilliantly.

I always remember Nokia die-hards a few years back desperately trying to convince the world that the N97 wasn't a piece of rubbish that signalled the impending doom of Nokia. One of the arguments they used was that crappy resistive screens are better thancapacitiveones because you can use them with your gloves on. Well Agloves puts the final nail in that coffin.

The gloves themselves are 30% silver yarn, 75% acrylic and 5% spandex. They are a lovely snug stretchy fit and are not too thick. They are also very soft so you don't need to worry about scratches etc.

Whilst they are not quite as responsive as the tip of your finger, they are surprisingly good. I couldn't find anything that didn't work on my HTC Sensation whilst wearing them.

I actually just did a test on them when wet. I don't know how, but they work just as well. Normally when my hands are wet, it's impossible to use a touch screen.

If you wear gloves and have a touchscreen phone, then they really are a no-brainer. And they have just launched their Irish site at agloves.ie

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