28 Sep 2012, 14:07

APIs, Web Services, Cloud, AWS - Slides from my talk yesterday at #OFFSITE2012


#“APIs, Web Services, Cloud, AWS - Slides from my talk yesterday at #OFFSITE2012”

The first ever OFFSITE event in West Cork yesterday was a big success. I learned a lot from all the other speakers both about technology and business. The real stand-out for me was Ger Keohane’s talk on eCommerce conversions. It was pretty stunning how you can seriously improve conversions to actual purchase with some very non-obvious changes.

I’m really pleased to see the West Cork Development Partnership get into the area of supporting local tech enterprises in addition to all the other areas they have supported over the years. If you are in West Cork and you are thinking about doing anything on the web or mobile, make sure to get in contact with David Tuohy there.

My talk on Web Services and moving to the cloud was a bit of a mish-mash. I was trying to cram a lot of info into 20 minutes. Unfortunately there is no video or audio so you’ll have to try and guess what some of my analogies mean e.g. Pig vs Waifos, FlyLo vs Butlins. Leave a comment if you get stuck :-)

Original on Google Docs:

Also on Slideshare: Coming whenever conversion is complete. Now waiting 2 hours!

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