18 Mar 2011, 17:54

Avoid @wittertainment loss, install doubleTwist on Android


#“Avoid @wittertainment loss, install doubleTwist on Android”


I've been pretty lucky with the SD card in my HTC Desire. Despite being hammered constantly due to all apps being installed on an EXT3 partition, the main FAT32 partition has never lost any data. Until today.

The whole thing went bang and everything disappeared (the EXT3 partition was fine). For most of my stuff it's no big deal, I sync it all out to the cloud. But the one exception is podcasts. I had a backlog of months of Mark Kermode's movie reviews, Material World and This Week in Google to listen to. And all of them were gone in the blink of an eye.

For many podcasts, this is not a problem, since you just re-download. But for some reason the bloody BBC only shows the most recent podcast in each feed. Hopefully I'll be able to copy some of the Kermodes off my wife's iTunes.

I immediately bought and installed doubleTwist on the phone and PC to stop this happening in future. It is now syncing all podcasts and music over wifi between the two so I have an offline backup and I don't have to worry about USB cables. Steve, it ain't post-PC if you still need to plug your iPhone into the PC.

Of course, once Google releases the music app that they previewed last year at Google IO, then I can sync everything to the cloud.

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