22 Sep 2011, 07:43

Facebook's EdgeRank should be renamed CletusRank


#“Facebook’s EdgeRank should be renamed CletusRank”


Top story in my stream right now according to Facebook? Robin Wauters picture of a beer bottle as he watches TV. 

Yep, critical breaking news according to Facebook’s Cletus.

As I just said on Facebook:

The reason newspapers are dying is because people don’t want others picking old news for them………..so Facebook decides it wants to pick old news for me. 

This isn’t a “ooh I don’t like the layout” complaint, this is fundamental to users being in control of what they see on the internet. 

How funny is it that the only way I can see that very interesting F8 update is in the tiny News ticker on the right?

If I plug Facebook into Tweetdeck, do I get my chronology back?

@conoro on Twitter if you are looking for me. I’ll be the one reading what I choose to read.

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