Cross DominantMixed Laterality since 1968 an OTP fob compatible with Google Authenticator using an Espruino PicoNow that the Espruino Pico has (beta) HID support, it can pretend to be a keyboard or mouse (or other HID compatible device). This makes it possible to send characters to the active window on your Windows/Linux/Mac PC. I've cobbled together some code which turns the Pico into a device like a YubiKey. Press the button and get the latest auth code pasted automatically for you.Wed, 22 Jul 2015 07:14:26 GMT v0.10.40 and v0.12.7 for ARM v7 and v6 (Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pi, ODroid C1) availableI compiled both on a Banana Pi for a change. Nothing special for the 0.12 build, and ./configure --without-snapshot for the 0.10 buildSat, 11 Jul 2015 18:56:57 GMT your Yahoo Pipes as Node.js Apps for posterityI swore I'd never use another Yahoo product after the cultural terrorism of their Geocities shutdown. Now one of their few bright lights of the past decade is biting the dust. However some very very smart person wrote some code two years ago which you may find useful. It converts your Pipes to Node.js apps.Sat, 06 Jun 2015 14:06:15 GMT Node.js web-server running on Windows 10 IoT on a @Raspberry_Pi 2. Wow!I've been Snarky McSnarkenstein about Windows 10 IoT on Raspberry Pi but for Windows shops looking to get into Embedded (WinCE 1.0 eh?), this is a no-brainer.Fri, 01 May 2015 16:49:50 GMT v0.12.2 for ARM V6/V7 including Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2 and ODROID-C1Download compiled versions of Node.js 0.12.2 for all our fave tiny computersFri, 03 Apr 2015 10:32:07 GMT compiled version of Node.js 0.12.1 Stable for Raspberry Pi hereUnfortunately, just like 0.12.0, the 0.12.1 release of Node won't compile on Raspberry Pi so I took a patch from io.js and was able to build it.Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:56:57 GMT