15 Aug 2012, 14:15

First Hands-On with littleBits. Yes I'm grinning a lot.


#“First Hands-On with littleBits. Yes I’m grinning a lot.”

The lovely lovely people in Sugru sent me a littleBits kit and a great book yesterday. I have been intrigued by littleBits since I saw discovered it via the Adafruit site a while back. Soon afterwards they raised bunch of money and I was pleased to see Ireland’s own PCH involved in the production.

If you are not familiar with littleBits, it’s a beautifully simple way of learning about electronics using parts which just snap together using magnets.

I’ve had a little play with it and it’s great fun. However I won’t give any detailed impressions until I let some of my younger kids at it. I want to see what they think. The opinions of a 44 y/o who did Electronic Engineering in college are less relevant!

In the meantime, here’s a few pictures of the Starter Kit.


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