20 Sep 2012, 19:18

Harbour Hopping in West Cork - Apple uses Google Maps hand-me-downs


#“Harbour Hopping in West Cork - Apple uses Google Maps hand-me-downs”

We’ve had much hilarity online today over the awfulness of Apple’s new iOS6 Maps. I finally just got it installed on the iPad and of course decided to check the local situation. Actually notdisastrous. The golf club is notlabelledas an airship landing strip for a start. But then I spotted something interesting.

Back about 6 years ago, Google Maps was completely useless in West Cork. At one point it seemed to think there was only one road down here, the N71. Andbizarrelyit wasn’t labelled as the N71, it was called “Harbour Hopping in South West Cork”. Seriously, that’s what Google thought the road was called. I never found out how such a ridiculous bug got into the data.

Eventually Google re-mapped the country itself and bought some better data. Their maps around here are now pretty fantastic and Streetview even went up tiny one-car-wide lanes locally.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this on the iPad:

Welcome to 2006 y’all.


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