08 Jul 2012, 16:52

Hoping someone will setup Curious Jane in Ireland - Project-based Summer Camps for Girls


#“Hoping someone will setup Curious Jane in Ireland - Project-based Summer Camps for Girls”

We run summer camps for girls! Curious Jane is a dynamic after-school and day camp program for elementary school aged girls. We offer highly-creative, project-based activities that encourage open-ended problem-solving. Our programs give girls the opportunity to explore design, building, and science in a positive, gender affirming environment. Girls attend for single or multiple weeks, and each week they choose their favorite theme popular options include: Toy Design, Story Arts, Life Science, DIY Fashion, Zine Scene, Building Workshop and Wired 101.

Our Sibal, aged 8, would lovvvvvvveeeee to do something like that.

Actually, a quick search discovered that, within the purely science sphere and not specifically for girls, the brilliant Mad About Science people have arranged Summer Camps in Cork for kids. Their site seems to be a bit borked at the moment but it looks like they are happening in July in Carrigaline. They will be doing bottlerockets, chemistry, forensics, computers, electronics, green energy, robots etc. Unfortunately we’ll be away on holidays.

I really think there is a big opening for more stuff like this. For example, the people who run kids birthday parties where they make pottery are proving very successful. Art Summer Schools always tend to do well too. So something with all of this combined would surely be interesting for kids and their parents?

Maker Camp?

Update: Great link from MissionV on Twitter to Whizzkids who do a lot of tech summer camps and other sessions around Ireland. Well worth a look.

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