01 Jan 2016, 10:59

How cheaply can you build a full Raspberry #PiZero computer?


When the incredible $5 Pi Zero was launched, the usual suspects were so busy snarking how it wasn’t really $5, that they completely missed what an important moment in computer history this is. You know the type. The ones who would have ridiculed Tim Berners-Lee’s design for the web. Or would have told Linus in no uncertain terms that he was misguided and that microkernels were the future.

Whilst you can’t turn on a #PiZero for $5, you also can’t connect to the LAN with your $1500 Macbook Pro without buying an adapter.

So assuming we don’t factor in electricity costs, carbon credits and depreciation on your chair, how cheaply can you build a fully functioning Raspberry Pi Zero, living in the UK?

Here’s what you need:

Total: £29.01

Or with obvious re-use/borrowing of stuff: £16.70

In Ireland? Add £1 extra for shipping the Pi Zero. Possibly a bit for the SD card from Amazon. Everything else free P&P from China.

Do you need a screen? Yup. Now walk into the sitting room and see if you can spot one. Well done.

A £29 fully fitted-out computer, that you could build the next global webapp on, remains completely revolutionary. All for around the same price as an Apple Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter :-)

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