25 Jan 2012, 10:11

Jim Daly claiming same #mythical50 as @seansherlockTD for #stopSOPAIreland Stakeholders


#“Jim Daly claiming same #mythical50 as @seansherlockTD for #stopSOPAIreland Stakeholders”

I emailed the three TDs in Cork South West (2 FG, 1 Lab) two days ago about #stopSOPAIreland. Noel Harrington’s office (FG) replied within a few hours by email in a pretty generic but still positive way.

This morning I got a letter in the post(!) from Jim Daly (FG) with a very detailedresponsegiving the official line as expressed by Sen Sherlock. Kudos to whoever in his office wrote the letter, it had all of the pertinent information. Sidenote: If they replied by email the country would be less broke.

According to the letter (see below), consultations were had with these mythical fifty stakeholders that Sen Sherlock keeps referring to, last June/July.

Is the Minister of State able to identify even one “stakeholder” who represented the interests of webhosts like Blacknight, web infrastructure providers like Amazon, major Social Media companies like Facebook, Search/Video companies like Google/YouTube, online Gaming companies like PopCap, Enterprise Ireland, the IDA or the average internet user? We have already confirmed that he never talked to the Irish Internet Association.

I’ll still waiting on theMinister’sLabour colleague in Cork South West to reply.

UPDATE: Several people on Twitter have pointed out that I’m not reading this correctly. There were 50 submissions but we have no idea how many Stakeholders. It could be 2. Much more disturbing is Steve White’s comment below. His post highlights that the submissions were not specific to the Statutory Instrument at all.


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