22 Dec 2011, 10:54

LEGO - Bring Back Beautiful


#“LEGO - Bring Back Beautiful”


Lego went down a terrible bolt-hole with all the boy-movie-centric crap. Good for biz in the short term but leaves behind 50% of the potential target market.

Our 8 y/o daughter loves Lego, but it's the normal building blocks she likes so she can make architectural stuff (like the wonderful Ad above), not all that character-driven single-use rubbish.

I'd love to see kits for London Eye, Empire State, Golden Gate, Olympics 2012 etc that would appeal to boys and girls. And, as I said before, a Mindstorms that average families can afford.

As for this pastel cutesie nonsense they are trying to do now for girls, we have enough stupid barbies in the house with the 5 y/o daughter's obsession, we don't need any more of that thanks.

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