20 May 2012, 10:56

Lego Case and Sugru for Raspberry Pi


#“Lego Case and Sugru for Raspberry Pi”

My 8 y/o daughter and I put together this Lego case for Raspberry Pi. All design concepts are hers and she built it. My job was to make it all fit and not wobble. Which of course we did using Sugru.

The case is a lot bigger than the RPi but that gives us expansion opportunities for USB hubs and battery packs. I like it and it will be our official Raspberry Pi case from now on.

Here are theinsides:

Finally a video showing it in action with theOpenElec version of XBMC playing Peppa Pig.


Oh, and here’s another setup I did last week. RPi running on battery power with wireless mouse and Bluetooth portable fold-up keyboard. I’ve ordered a cheap bluetooth mouse so I only need one USB port.

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