03 May 2012, 15:05

Lunchtime review of Eken T02 7' Android Tablet for 88


#“Lunchtime review of Eken T02 7\” Android Tablet for \u008088”

This quick n dirty video covers most of it, but in summary:


  1. It’s 88, in total, including EMS shipping
  2. Android ICS
  3. Capacitive Screen
  4. Full Android Market
  5. HDMI/USB/SDCard
  6. 1080p video
  7. Strong GPU for all games
  8. It’s 88, in total, including EMS shipping
  9. It’s 88, in total, including EMS shipping
  1. Screen is only 800x480
  2. Touch can be unresponsive at times
  3. CPU may struggle on heavy-duty games
  4. Some current strangeness with Android Market means apps incorrectly absent
  5. Upgrading OS a bit fiddly
  6. No Bluetooth
I got mine on Pandawill.com. Took approx a week to arrive. Make sure to setup an account first before using PayPal to buy. Ididn’tand never got any confirmation email from them that order had even beenreceived.

Did I mention that it’s88, in total, including EMS shipping?


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