07 Jul 2012, 19:49

Maplin can start its 40m revamp by halving its prices


#“Maplin can start its \u00a340m revamp by halving its prices”

I see the new management team in Maplin is going to spend 40m to improve the business.

I’ve just been to their Blackpool Cork store and their infamous excessive prices still managed to shock me.

In the old days when they might be the only game in town for electornics, they could get away with this messing, but with this internet thingy that we all use now, it’s ridiculous. Not only that but they are even doing the old lets-screw-the-paddies-on-the-exchange-rate-trick.

So let’s take the Arduino Uno board.

In Sparkfun in the US it’s 23.82

In Alpha-Crucis in France it’s 19.95

On Maplin.co.uk it’s 24.99 = 30.26

And in Maplin Cork it’s…..40…….Double the French price!

Stop taking the piss Maplin, it’s not 1982 any more.

And as for still charging people for the catalogue in 2012, you’ve heard of Argos, right?

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