23 Oct 2012, 07:59

MIT App Inventor Official Open-Source Release


#“MIT App Inventor Official Open-Source Release”

I’m really pleased to see this release happen. Dec/Jan was an awkward time as Google dropped App Inventor and MIT didn’t have their site ready. MIT has done a sterling job since and it’s great to know that the full up-to-date source code is available. I hope a community of contributors to the codebase now starts building up.

One issue we ran into in our school with accessing the main MIT site and GAE was a lack of bandwidth. When you have 15 laptops all trying to download/upload Java Apps to the internet on a connection that I think is 512kbs, you are going to have problems.

So a private local App Inventor install means we could provision an old PC as an Ubuntu server in the school and serve everything over local wifi. I hope the dev server capabilities are improved beyond “a few users” so we can remove the dependency on Google App Engine and provide a trouble free setup for the kids.


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