22 Feb 2010, 16:44

Moonlight - Needed for Digital Media Awards Web-site


#“Moonlight - Needed for Digital Media Awards Web-site”

Rich Internet Applications

Moonlight is an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix systems. With Moonlight you can access videos, applications and content created for Silverlight on Linux.

With Moonlight you can:

  • Watch the Olympics on Linux with our 3.0 preview

  • View Silverlight content on Linux

  • Watch videos delivered with Smoothstreaming

  • Run Silverlight applications on Linux

Whilst Flash is a pain in the ass, at least it is ubiquitous. Sites that require Silverlight are really unforgivable.

Off I go to install an unstable plugin in my Ubuntu-based browser so I can access information that should be in HTM-goddammed-L

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