12 May 2012, 13:29

Motorola S10-HD are brilliant Bluetooth running headphones


#“Motorola S10-HD are brilliant Bluetooth running headphones”

The lovely people in Mobile Fun in the UK, home of a bajillion mobile and iPad accessories,contacted me recently. I’m a long-time customer of theirs and I’m a huge fan. Their Dash Genie in-car phone holder is a wonderful thing that just works.

They asked if I wanted to review anything on their site and I cheekily requested a pair of Motorola S10-HD headphones. They shot a pair over to me for free immediately.

I’ve had them for a few weeks and they are just superb. Like a fool, I bought a pair of S9’s on eBay a few years ago. I didn’t suss that the only way they could be so cheap was if they were knock-offs. They fell apart in no time. These real S10-HD’s are in a different league altogether.

The design is unusual in that they basically clamp on to your head. Some people with particularly big noggins report that they are uncomfortable but I found after two uses that they fit perfectly.

The reason I wanted them was for running. I hate the normal in-ear wired headphones that fall out constantly and tie you in knots with the wires as you run. With these, I pair via Bluetooth A2DP to my HTC Sensation strapped to my arm and I listen to all my podcasts and music. It has volume and track selection buttons on one side.

However it also works as a handsfree for the phone. If you are listening to music when an incoming call arrives, it mutes it and you can press a button to accept the call. I tested this paired to my laptop and made a few perfect quality Skype calls with it.

The big test was this morning where I ran a sweaty Bandon 10km and listened to Kermode and Mayo’s movie reviews for an hour. I was chuffed that they worked perfectly, never slipped and did not hurt after an hour. I assume the same will be true when I do the Cork Half Marathon in June. Run Keeper is also able to temporarily mute the podcast and tell me my pace every 1km. Nice.

Not much more to say. They work perfectly. They come with a variety of ear-plug sizes and they are great value. I’ll be using nothing else from now on when running.

Thanks again to the Mobile Fun crew. Still the first site I go to when I want to get something for my phone.

UPDATE June 5th 2012: I ran the Cork Half Marathon yesterday with the S10-HD connected to my HTC Sensation. They worked beautifully. No battery issues, no drop-outs and my head wasn’t sore afterwards. Which is more than can be said about the balls of my feet.


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