20 May 2012, 11:48

My 70 year-old Mother has out-hacked me with Sugru


#“My 70 year-old Mother has out-hacked me with Sugru”

My mother isn’t obviously technical but she is incredibly practical. This is a woman, who at the age of 12, was sent to live with her widowed Grandfather, to take care of him! Nothing fazes her.

As she lives in Kilkenny, she always found the Sugru story interesting (Jane, the inventor, is from Kilk) and bought a packet to see what it was about.

Now, have a look at this big plastic bowl.

Not exactly special.

Except it is.

It’s over 40 years old and has been used to make my Mum’s legendary brown bread for that entire time.

A few years back it split on the side and Rose had been using various tapes etc to stop the bread mix leaking. But none were satisfactory. Then she thought of the Sugru. And it has worked perfectly. She’s delighted with it. I figure it has another 40 years to go.

For me, that bowl represents a generation of people who hate waste and believe, in their DNA, that thrift should be celebrated. And Sugru is the perfect modern symbol of that.


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