29 Sep 2012, 12:53

Notch makes getting fit a little less po-faced


#“Notch makes getting fit a little less po-faced”

Getting fit and losing weight is a very serious subject. But it shouldn’t be. All the talk of burn and crunch and walls and plank and core and bootcamps and weigh-ins would put anyone off. No wonder so many people are obese.

I’ve been reading Scott Jurek’s book Eat & Run for the past while and it’s incredibly inspirational. Not in a happy-clappy sense but in the pure joy of running that leaps off the page. This guy runs 150 mile ultras all the time, including through Death Valley and is a vegan. When I’m running 12 miles slowly around Bandon and staring to fade, I just think about some of the stuff in his book and I recover quickly.

That’s why I found Notch.me so brilliant this week. It takes your Fitbit or RunKeeper info and turns it into a very funny infographic. I think RunKeeper should integrate it into the mobile app. It’s a damn sight more motivational than their robot voice at the end of the run saying “You ran 14 miles in 3 hours and 4 seconds. Your average pace was blah blah blah”.

We need to put joy back into exercise and fitness. I hope Notch.me is just a start.

Click through for the full infographic.

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