16 May 2012, 13:52

Quick update on Eken T02 Tablet and where is Scribblenauts for Android?


#“Quick update on Eken T02 Tablet and where is Scribblenauts for Android?”

I asked my 8 y/o daughter on Monday if there was anything she didn’t like about her 88 Tablet after a week of ownership. I assumed she’d gripe about the touch sensitivity of the screen, which I still see as a problem. Nope, she had a single criticism - the battery only lasts a couple of hours on a charge. Otherwise she loves it. She streams TV shows and movies across the homenetwork, browses the web and plays lots of games. Exactly what you want in a tablet.

I’m holding out for a 7” one with slightly better CPU/GPU and an IPS screen. Should come in around the 110-130 mark. Maybe that Ainol Elf. I doubt I’ll have to wait long.

As far as she is concerned, the only thing Android lacks is Scribblenauts. Come on 5th Cell and WB Games, get the finger out. Huge youth market for it, all moving away from NDS at the speed of light and not going to iOS.

I just checked out Sonic TheHedgehog4 Episode 1 on the Eken. However bad I thought Nintendo’s future was looking before, this game confirmed that they are dead unless they bring out an Android gaming device in 2012.

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