10 Feb 2012, 13:53

Roku + Netflix + iPlayer now available in Ireland. Anyone using Roksbox or roConnect?


#“Roku + Netflix + iPlayer now available in Ireland. Anyone using Roksbox or roConnect?”

The Verge is reporting that the Roku LT and Roku 2 XS are now shipping in UK and Ireland. They both come with Netflix and BBC iPlayer support. (Oddly their UK site still says “Coming Soon” for the LT).

The LT is particularly interesting as it is only 49despite the lack of wired Ethernet or 1080p.But both models suffer the major and strange limitation that they cannot stream your home content, even over UPNP.

However I have found two free apps, Roksbox and roConnect which create a private Roku channel for you which gives you access to your home media. Neither of them are UPNP either, they require you to install a web-server on a home machine. Having said that, it looks like a five minute job.

Anyone have experience with either app?

I have to admit I’m tempted by the Roku. 49 is very very cheap for a media streamer that does 720p.

I got the Patriot PBO Core from Amazon UK this week to replace a dead XBOX+XBMC and I’ll review it over the weekend. It is a fine piece of kit for local streaming up to 1080p and does SMB shares rather than the UPNP horror. I’m not sure why I mentioned 1080p since it is connected to a 12 year old 14” CRT Philips ‘portable’ TV.

But it doesn’t do Netflix except via TVersity or PlayOn. And both of those are currently broken for Netflix Ireland+UK due to the silly incompatible way Netflix has implemented everything over here.

One open question is whether you need a global iPlayer subscription to use it in Ireland on the Roku. I assume so.


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