08 May 2012, 20:35

Rough n Ready Unboxing and Booting of Raspberry Pi


#“Rough n Ready Unboxing and Booting of Raspberry Pi”

Sorry, very busy, so zero production values in this video. Three snippets jammed together but I go from closed delivery packet to fully booted and operational Raspberry Pi with browser running in a few minutes.


Few immediate thoughts:

  1. Shockingly small. You don’t realise just how small until it is in your hand
  2. It just works
  3. The CPU is fine but I think the 256MB RAM is going to be a problem fairly quickly. Most modern Linux apps expect more.Building Fuse from source took a bunch of tries as GCC ran out of memory until I found a low-memory setting
  4. It’s slow but acceptably so
  5. It runs almost cold .Gotta love the ARM architecture.
  6. They should only highlight one Linux distribution on the site and put everyone’s focus on that. Far too early for fragmentation or trying to please everyone.
  7. Should boot into XWindows by default and then show a “Welcome to RPi” screen like Linux Mint.
  8. The efforts on XBMC etc are very exciting
  9. Wireless keyboard and mouse saves you one USB port
  10. 8GB Class 6 MicroSD in an adapter worked fine as the boot device
  11. Full-size SD cards for pennies on sites like 7DayShop
  12. It needs HW-accelerated GUI and decent Java support quickly
  13. I’d love to see someone put together RPi in a case with keyboard and mouse as cheaply as possible. In fact they should make it a competition. I have a $6 keyboard coming from HK at the mo.
Lots more stuff I want to try out at the weekend including making a nice case for it. Expect more posts from me in the coming weeks.

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