24 Nov 2011, 12:56

So long Google Health. Hello Microsoft HealthVault.


#“So long Google Health. Hello Microsoft HealthVault.”

I got the dire email from Google earlier in the week reminding me to download all of my Google Health data before the end of the year. I did so today whilst feeling terribly depressed about the missed opportunity. It's one of the first times I've ever fully deleted any online account for anything.

But it was interesting to see Google offer export toMicrosoft HealthVault as an option. A few clicks later and all my data moved datacentres somewhere.

Hopefully MSFT will play the long game with HealthVault. Have they any plans for Windows Phone 7 Apps to integrate in HealthVault? If WP7 is to have a chance of competing, it needsdifferentiation. Building something that kicks RunKeeper's ass and has a strong health angle could be one way to do that. (Yet another area where Nokia was ahead of everyone and pissed it all away).

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