17 Sep 2012, 11:04

Standing Desk Update


#“Standing Desk Update”

My standing desk experiments have been intermittent but I’ve put some renewed effort in recently due to some back twinges. I finally cleared out the tiny annex office off my main office and changed the standing desk over to my main laptop.

Overall it works brilliantly and is more stable than the previous set of cardboard boxes :-) The floor mat is important to avoid getting sore heels. I either go barefoot or wear the Vibrams when standing.

The main lesson learned is that it’s not something you should do 12 hours a day. Mix it up and make sure to keep moving, don’t stay stationary for long periods. I generally take phone calls sitting down or when I have to read long technical documents. I think trying to read too much from a screen that is a few feet away whilst swaying slightly on your feet is just too hard.

Anyone else been trying it out? Any lessons learned you’d like to share?


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