23 Feb 2011, 16:07

Standing Desk Update


#“Standing Desk Update”

The standing desk experiment is ongoing and the news has not all been good. I’ve had on-weeks and off-weeks and I’m still not 100% comfortable. But at the moment I’m on an on-week and things are much improved. It’s down to the fact that I decided to fashion a thick mat out of materials around the house. This is it:


It’s made from a never-used Lidl camping foam mat folded in three, sitting on top of an exercise mat (Duct Tape implied). I also decided to try it without footwear. And it works! Ignore the naff socks, they are double-layered running socks so I don’t freeze. I’m shocked at how much better “bare” feet on the mats are over shoes/runners. It’s like night and day. The problem I had previously was not my legs, it was my heels which hurt like hell. And slowly that pain is going away. Removing the footwear also enables me to wiggle and wriggle my feet and body more so I don’t get stiff. It’s like the Macarena in here I tell you.

So the plan to get a pair of Vibram FiveFingers may be on hold:


The standing desk does challenge your back initially but now mine is far better than before I started. RSI in right hand/forearm still there but improving. Posture is way better and my totally cramped neck and shoulders are slowly releasing their vice-grip.

This is the overall setup:


Cost = Approx €8. Benefit = 2000x.


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