25 Mar 2012, 11:36

The ever improving XBMC just released v11.0


#“The ever improving XBMC just released v11.0”

Its been over a year in the works and today we are excited to announce that XBMC 11.0 is finally ready and available for download. You can find XBMC 11.0 here.
via XBMC 11.0 Eden | XBMC.

XBMC’s ability to play every file we throw at it, perfectly, is a daily joy. It is riddled with lovely useful touches like a slider to adjust the audio offset when your DVD rip didn’t quite work perfectly.

There is a branch that includes recording functionality which I want to try but as it uses MythTV for the back-end, I’m almost afraid to.

Its XBMC Flicks plugin for Netflix works pretty well on US Netflix but we actually just exit out and run Netflix in the browser for the more reliable UI.

If you have a PC which can connect to your TV with VGA/DVI/HDMI, XBMC should be the first thing you install.

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