10 Jul 2012, 08:44

The @RaspberryPi Programming Contest for Kids - Win $1000


#“The @RaspberryPi Programming Contest for Kids - Win $1000”


All the details over on their blog and in this PDF.

I’ll always remember the months I spent building a data graphing application for the ZX Spectrum for a schools programming competition back in the 80s. You ain’t seen a piechart until you’ve seen a Spectrum colour-clash pie-chart like that. Of course I didn’t even get a mention, let alone win the thing. Bitter? Me? Never.

So pass this on to your kids. Given the damned weather, it’s not like they can go outside anyway. I think I’ll try and get our eldest to do the RPi part of our doorbell project.

If you don’t have an RPi yet, you can use an emulator.

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