28 Aug 2011, 20:18

VS Day - Victory Over Sky Day. Free at last etc etc yadda yadda


#“VS Day - Victory Over Sky Day. Free at last etc etc yadda yadda”

After our ongoing argument over the telephone connection with Sky TV, they doubled the multi-room charge, so we cancelled the lot in early August.Today the cancellation finally kicked in.

The kids are in shock.

We had planned to get a Freesat box but we're actually going to play it by ear and get nothing for a while. Let's see how they survive on the few stations they can get in "Other Channels" on the Sky box, along with BBC iPlayer, Hulu and YouTube.

I would say RTE Player too, but we don't watch RTE in our house except for the odd food show once every six months.

Biggest holes are probably going to be Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana.The younger ones will be happy enough with CBeebies (by whatever route).

I still want to get a HBO subscription. Some day the US TV stations will figure all of this internet stuff out and put Rupert out of business.

I'll report back after a week or so.

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