Cross Dominant

"Whilst you wait for your Raspberry Pi, run the software on your PC"

As we all patiently wait for the Raspberry Pi boards to arrive, one smart individual has built a full VM so you can try out the software in Virtualbox on your PC. I'm downloading now and will report back on whether it runs on VMware Workstation and Player too. There are a few things I want to try out on Raspberry Pi and this setup will let me confirm whether they are feasible or not in advance.

Note that they are torrent links and if you are on Eircom, you won't be able to click the first one :-)

Speaking of torrents, here is a brilliant tutorial on how to use Amazon S3 to seed files via Bittorrent. This type of distribution of popular legal material makes so much sense.

UPDATE: It works perfectly in VMware Workstation (just use the relaxed settings when it complains and asks you). Check it out. Tingles!


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