13 Apr 2012, 09:48

XBMC running on Raspberry Pi. I may faint with the anticipation


#“XBMC running on Raspberry Pi. I may faint with the anticipation”

The kids’ non-360 XBOX running XBMC has been an amazing piece of kit. We’ve had it for over 4 years and got it second-hand for approx 60 but it maxes out at 480p content. I had thought that getting a replacement like the Patriot or WD Live TV would cost north of 80. But some geniuses have got XBMC running on the Raspberry Pi. A streaming media player with HDMI, LAN and 1080p support for 31 including VAT and delivery? Yes please.



Also, someone has already beaten me to the punch by getting a ZX Spectrum emulator running on it. We need someone to make cases that look exactly like 48K Spectrums, including a working keyboard, that the RPi can slot into. Do it!


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