20 Apr 2012, 08:44

ZX Spectrum 16k adjusted for inflation was 461


#“ZX Spectrum 16k adjusted for inflation was \u0080461”

Yesterday I finally got both MHL to the TV and Bluetooth to the Wiimote working with a ZX Spectrum Emulator on my HTC Sensation (video coming over the weeked). I was amused by the fact that I was emulating a cheap old computer with an expensive mobile phone.

Then I wondered - How cheap was the Spectrum compared to the Sensation? Some googling for inflation adjusters later and I realised I was completely wrong. It wasn’t cheap at all.

My original 1982 16K Spectrum cost 125 in WH Smith. Adjusted for inflation that’s 377.50 which is 461! Ouch, I really had no idea. An unsubsidised Sensation on Expansys ischeaperat 439.

If my parents hadn’t paid that serious chunk of money back then, who knows where I would have ended up in life…….

UPDATE: All of which makes the Raspberry Pi a staggering bargain and utterlytransformational. Seeing someone on their site beg for early samples so he could show them to a African country’s government is just one example of how important RPi is. Far beyond its technical specs or size.

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