My favourite new WebApp - IFTTT - If This Then That

#“My favourite new WebApp - IFTTT - If This Then That”

I saw a bunch of mentions of IFTTT a few months back but didn’t get a chance to try it out. It came up recently during a lovely lunch with @johnpeavoy in the ever-impressive Poacher’s Inn in Bandon. I suddenly realised it could do something I’d wanted for a year.

The idea of IFTTT is simple but brilliant. It's has a hint of Yahoo Pipes stripped back to the core USP. It's all built around tasks which do stuff when other stuff happens (if THIS happens, then do THAT).

There are a ton of “Trigger Channels” like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Foursquare, Google Reader, YouTube etc. Within each channel there are then Triggers like “when I update my Status on Facebook” or (and this is where I’m using it) “when I favourite a Tweet”.

Then you choose an “Action Channel”, most of which are the same as the “Trigger Channel”. In my case I have two. The first is Delicious. So every time I favourite a Tweet, it get’s saved as a Bookmark in Delicious.

I was actually going to build that specific usecase as a standalone webapp for myself last year. Now it’s just one feature in IFTTT!

The other Action I use is to get the Tweet is emailed to me. This is ideal when I’m reading Twitter on my phone when out and about. I generally don’t read the links on the phone, so I favourite the Tweet and have it in my Inbox for later. You can also send them to ReadItLater or Instapaper.

The Task then runs every 15 minutes.

As I said, simple but brilliant. Go have a play , I guarantee you’ll think of a bunch of actions. There are also lots of ones other people have created too.

Conor O'Neill

Tech guy who likes running slowly

Bandon, Cork, Ireland