Creating RSS feeds for Cork's Evening Echo newspaper website with Node.js and Serverless

For nearly 10 years I relied on Twitter as my primary source of news. Now that I have left Twitter and Facebook mostly behind, I have turned back to email newsletters and RSS for non-tech news. I never stopped using RSS for tech news.

Of course, in that time, many news sites have forgotten about RSS. e.g. The Cork Evening Echo in Ireland has some pages that refer to RSS but they are no longer functional.


As their news pages are pretty straightforward and simply marked-up, it took me less than an hour this morning to bash together a crude RSS feed generator and deploy it to AWS Lambda as a Serverless function.

So I’m now happily reading my local Cork news in Feedly Pro. Open Web FTW.

The code is here. Awful as always.

Usual Serverless deploy:

  1. Configure your AWS account
  2. Install Node.js 8+
  3. Then:
git clone
cd evening-echo-rss
npm install -g serverless
npm install
serverless deploy

Then you access each RSS feed like so:

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